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Tanglewood Homes Association has begun offering recycle trash service through the existing household trash provider, VF Waste Services, at no additional cost over your association dues. Please contact the THA office if you would like to participate.  VF will provide a blue 35-gallon bin on wheels and pick up at the back door, the same as household trash. Your recycle pick up day is as follows:

  • If your first day of household trash service is Monday, your recycle will be Wednesday

  • If your first day of household trash service is Tuesday, your recycle will be Thursday

ACCEPTED ITEMS: newspapers, magazines, junk mail, colored paper, paper bags, folders, phone books, greeting cards, cardboard, paper boxes, plastics #1-#7, pots and pans, aluminum cans/foil, steel and tin cans, gutters, copper.

NON-ACCEPTED ITEMS: glass, plastic bags, coat hangers, paper towels, disposable plates and cups, light bulbs, wet/soiled paper, facial and toilet tissue, styrofoam, pizza boxes, paint and solvent containers, mirrors, windows.

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