The affairs of the Tanglewood Homes Association ("THA") is governed by a Board of Directors. Each Director must be a member, property owner, of Tanglewood. The Board of Directors is comprised of nine (9) members. A class of three (3) new Directors are elected to the Board each year serving a three-year (3) term.

2022 Board of Directors

  • John McIntyre- President

  • Ross Canion 

  • Greg Catsinas

  • Viviana Denechaud

  • Susan Fonteno

  • Ben Landry

  • Alfred Maksoud

  • Dan Robinson

  • Rob Wagner


John McIntyre


Rob Wagner

Vice President of Finance and Treasurer

Susan Fonteno

Vice President of Risk Management and Secretary (Legal/Insurance)

Greg Catsinas

Vice President of Compliance (Deed Restrictions)

Ross Canion

Vice President of Operations (Grounds/Garbage/Security)

Finance Committee

Ross Canion

Alfred Maksound

Rob Wagner


Steven Boyd

General Manager

Margie Prather

Administrative Assistant

Kyler Neeb


Craig Frazzini

Patrol Supervisor