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Tanglewood began development in 1949 with the original ranch-style homes, many on oversized lots. Older homes are being replaced by new homes.  As mentioned in the Deed Restriction History, policies and deed restriction amendments now strictly govern new home approval and other construction activities. Tanglewood Homes Association ("THA") employs a field supervisor who, among other responsibilities, monitors construction activities in Tanglewood. It is important to note that any work outside the home requires approval by THA.


HVAC, generators, fencing, driveways, paint and roofing approvals are very simple one-page approval letters. All but paint and roofing approvals must be accompanied by a site plan showing the location of equipment or fencing. Pool approvals require a scaled site plan submittal showing the location of the pool, and pool equipment in relation to the property lines.

1952 approval.png

Additions and new home approval can take up to ten days. This may take longer if the information provided is not complete or revisions are necessary. One non-returnable set of plans is required, two sets if the property owner would like to keep an approved set. Plan submittals must include a site plan drawn to scale showing property lines and indicating all improvements on the lot, including the residential dwelling to be constructed on the lot, garage, the location of driveways, walkways, decks, patios, HVAC equipment, swimming pools, pool equipment, and fences. All improvements are subject to applicable setbacks and easements. The plans must also include architectural drawings with floor plans and elevations from all sides. A description of the types and colors of the exterior building materials must be given. Variances or exceptions will generally not be granted for new construction or remodeling except in very limited and minor instances.


The approval letter for pools, additions, new homes and any other construction activity must be signed by the contractor and resident before any work is commenced. Any exterior construction activity over the cost of $25,000 and all pools will require a Builders Deposit Agreement ("BDA") signed by the contractor with the applicable deposit amount submitted to the THA office. The BDA is important to all Tanglewood residents as it requires the builder to adhere to all deed restrictions, as they relate to construction, and observe all rules and regulations stipulated in plan approvals. Any changes or deviation from approved drawings will result in a monetary forfeiture from the builder’s deposit.  


Tanglewood has adopted a tree policy with a Tree Survey and Disposition Plan being submitted by an arborist or forester before construction and before home is demolished. A topographical survey must also be submitted before a home is demolished.


The Builders Deposit Agreement, Tree Policy, and Rules and Regulations can be accessed by the links below.

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