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When Tanglewood was initially developed, the property was made subject to deed restrictions for each of the twenty-three (23) sections in Tanglewood, Sections 1-19 plus Sections 4A, 11A, 11B, and 17A.  While the restrictions are virtually identical, there are some minor differences that exist between sections.  Among other things, each section of the restrictions limit the use of lots to residential purposes, provide setback lines for construction, require use of the same roof and wall material and color for house and garage, specify when a garage door may face the street, limit the height and location of perimeter fencing, dictate the direction a residence must face, restrict the driveway entry location, and prohibit any signs being placed in the neighborhood.  The initial Tanglewood restrictions were drafted around 1949, and the vast majority of the language used is the same for all twenty-three (23) sections.

In June of 1997, Tanglewood Homes Association ("THA") board of directors adopted a Policy Manual that supplements the deed restrictions relating to the interpretation and enforcement of the restrictive covenants, conditions and deed restrictions applicable to all sections in Tanglewood. This Policy Manual has been updated with several subsequent amendments.


In December of 2002, THA adopted deed restrictions amendments with over seventy five percent (75%) of Tanglewood residents voting in favor of approval. In addition to general housekeeping language, these amendments kept Tanglewood up to date with the ever-increasing amount of new home construction. This building trend would require amendments that further set forth and clarify guidelines on plan approval and construction.


With the evolving needs of Tanglewood residents, the transitioning of Tanglewood with continuing new construction, and the ever-changing Texas Property Code, THA again adopted deed restriction amendments in 2018 with the majority of Tanglewood residents voting in favor of approval.


In addition to the aforementioned documents THA has adopted a Tree Policy, Generator Policy and Miscellaneous Policy to further interpret needs in Tanglewood. All of these can be accessed on the deed restriction page of the website.


Tanglewood is dependent upon its deed restrictions to maintain the integrity and quality of the neighborhood. The responsibility for enforcing these covenants is vested in THA. THA believes that strict enforcement of the deed restrictions will serve the best interests of all residents. Violations of deed restrictions will be prosecuted by appropriate proceedings, which may include legal action in a court of law.

Your help and cooperation are needed to preserve the integrity of Tanglewood. Generally, any work outside of the home requires  THA approval.  If you should become aware of any violation of the deed restrictions, or have questions concerning them, you are encouraged to contact the THA office immediately.

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