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The Tanglewood Patrol is a police patrol service provided by Tanglewood Homes Association exclusively for Tanglewood residents.  Tanglewood Patrol employs off-duty Houston Police Officers who offer significant depth and breadth of expertise and experience in crime deterrence.  In addition to police patrol, Tanglewood Patrol officers provide Tanglewood residents with several services, including, but not limited to, personal escort by request, checking on homes for out of town residents, and package relocation. 


Tanglewood Patrol officers are on duty 24 hours a day and can be reached by calling (713) 628-9191.  In case officers are unable to answer, calls are automatically forwarded to a dispatching service. In case of a police emergency, please call Tanglewood Patrol first, then call the Houston Police at 911. The response time of Tanglewood Patrol will almost always be quicker than that of the Houston Police on-duty units.  Tanglewood Patrol officers respond to approximately 200 different service call types per month. Tanglewood Patrol officers work collaboratively with alert Tanglewood residents to deter crime.

To help improve the effectiveness of Tanglewood Patrol services, Tanglewood residents are urged to share information about their residence and its occupants through NeighborTap, a web application developed specifically for Tanglewood. Residents can access any of those applications at the links provided on this page or download the app for mobile devices by looking up “NeighborTap” in the mobile app store.


Tanglewood Homes Association has partnered with NeighborTap to  allow residents to:

  • Receive important notifications from THA (Homeowner, Lost & Found and Security)

  • Ensure Tanglewood patrol officers have up to date information on your residence

  • Safely list and view classified ads with other residents

  • Respond to THA surveys

  • Request Out of Town check

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