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The Tanglewood neighborhood consists of approximately 1,220 lots and is situated in the Galleria area of Houston. Development of Tanglewood began in 1949 by William Giddings Farrington and now includes twenty-three (23) sections. Mostly prairie land when first developed, Tanglewood has grown into a lush green, tree-lined, upscale and desirable community.

Founded in 1948, The Tanglewood Homes Association ("THA") was chartered as a legal entity for the benefit of all the owners of residential property within the Tanglewood subdivision. The primary functions of THA include day to day operations and maintenance of all common areas including entrances, medians, and cul-de-sacs. Other responsibilities include collection of maintenance fees, administration of 24-hour neighborhood patrol, enforcement of deed restrictions for the subdivision, and administration of private trash collection.


The enforcement of deed restrictions is one of the most important functions of THA. Tanglewood is dependent upon its deed restrictions to maintain the integrity and quality of the neighborhood.  As Tanglewood’s original homes were being replaced with larger, updated, two-story homes, deed restrictions were amended to reflect the needs of Tanglewood residents and the ever-changing Texas Property Code. The THA board understands the need for consistency when enforcing these restrictions.

As a reminder to all Tanglewood members, the primary roles, responsibilities, and powers of the THA Board of Directors are to prepare and adopt annual budgets, levy and collect annual assessments, manage the operation, care and upkeep of common areas, and make, amend, and enforce THA deed restrictions within Tanglewood.   As such, THA operates within a finite annual budget which is solely and exclusively prepared to manage Tanglewood affairs and is not chartered to engage in any affairs outside of its jurisdiction.

The THA office is located at:

5757 Woodway, Suite 160 
Houston, Texas 77057-1519

Office Hours 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Friday

Phone (713) 781-1642
Fax (713) 781-2223

View Map - THA Offices (External Link to Google Maps)

View Neighborhood Map

The office is staffed by the general manager and an administrative assistant. The office is closed on designated holidays. If the office is closed, you may leave a message on the answering machine; your call will be promptly returned during office hours.


Tanglewood Patrol Car

(713) 628-9191

Tanglewood Homes Association Office

(713) 781-1642



(713) 538-4708

NEIGHBORTAP - Residents Only

Tanglewood Homes Association has partnered with NeighborTap to  allow residents to:

  • Receive important notifications from THA (Homeowner, Lost & Found and Security)

  • Ensure Tanglewood patrol officers have up to date information on your residence

  • Safely list and view classified ads with other residents

  • Respond to THA surveys

  • Request Out of Town check

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